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Volunteer Information Guide

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Merry Millwork Market. We are excited to make this year’s market a wonderful experience and that wouldn’t be possible without the help from enthusiastic volunteers like you! We welcome anyone who is looking for an opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills. If you have prior experience working/volunteering large scale events that's great! If not, we are happy train. If you are someone who is interested in learning, is dependable, and works well in a team environment, please apply for a volunteer position in any of the following categories:


Customer Service

Volunteers working with our customer service team will assist in daily activities that help make the event run smoothly. Some of these tasks might include; checking IDs, applying wristbands to guests 21 and over, assisting the information booth, providing vendors with info materials, helping visitors to fill out surveys, restocking brochures and materials, counting numbers of visitors in various areas, etc.


Special Events/Entertainment

Santa's Elves

Volunteers that enjoy working with families with children will be well suited to help help Santa. Santa is located in the Schmid Innovation Center Courtyard on Friday night only. Volunteer Elves will help Santa make sure each child has their moment with Santa and receives a special gift.

Horse & Carriage Rides

A Merry Millwork Market offers tickets for horse & carriage rides with 100% off proceeds benefiting the Millwork Collective. Volunteers will help with ticket sales and will also help guests boarding and unboarding the carriage. This station is also staffed by volunteers from the Millwork Collective.



Throughout the two-day event, the Merry Millwork Market has several different groups of carolers, choir groups, and spoken theater groups performing in various areas of the Millwork District Quad. Volunteers will be in charge of making sure each of these performances happen in each designated area, as well as set up/breakdown any items needed.


Volunteers working with photography will be responsible for assisting with taking pictures of the market, vendor booths, and events, and preparing the pictures for uploading. This person does not need to be a professional photographer but some photography background is encouraged. Volunteers who choose this role may also take on the role of filming at the market for video footage of the market. This might include filming interviews with guests or filming events at the market. Someone who volunteers for this position should be tech-savvy and have a strong knowledge of photo/video techniques.


The Merry Millwork Market is a two-day event. Volunteers are needed to be at the main entrances of the market, as well as to walk the booths overnight. Volunteers working with security must have a clear criminal background and worked or volunteered in security in the past.


Rules, Guidelines and Assignment

During the interview, if accepted, volunteers will be assigned to shifts that may vary depending on which task you are assigned to. Please expect to be at the market on for no less than four (4) hours at a time. Arrangements will be discussed during the interview to create volunteer schedules.

Once accepted, we ask that volunteers show up and check-in with the event staff on assigned dates and times at least 15 min. prior to the start of the shift to ensure that volunteers get a briefing. Please make sure to wear layers of clothing and be properly dressed for the weather and elements as volunteers may be working in or out doors and weather conditions fluctuate during the day. Water resistant/suitable winter shoes are required when working at the event as these are not supplied by organizer.

The Merry Millwork Market volunteer opportunity is meant to assist in the production and carrying out of the event, we ask that you do not solicit for your personal business or service during this time.


Parking is not made available for volunteers and volunteers should provide and pay for their own travel to and from the event during the market.


All volunteers are expected to act professionally and strive to make the market enjoyable for all visitors. We foster an environment of lawful, positive, cheerful and friendly staff members. The Merry Millwork Market team has a strict zero tolerance policy for anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The consumption of liquor is prohibited before or during the time a volunteer is working. Smoking will only be tolerated in designated areas during breaks and not while a volunteer is actively working. Volunteers are bound to abide by the laws of the State of Iowa and the Merry Millwork Market team reserves the right to remove any volunteer from the team at any time.


Confirming your Volunteering Opportunity

If interested in volunteering for the Merry Millwork Market, please click the button below to submit an application. Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed and you will be contacted to schedule a quick interview. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to meeting you!

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